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Hotel Address: 109 State Street
Fort Davis, Texas 79734

Ranch Address: 1900 Sproul Road
Fort Davis, Texas 79734

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 833
Fort Davis, Texas 79734



The Harvard Hotel is located at 109 State Street, downtown Fort Davis. State Street is also a portion of Highways 17 and 118 that run together for approximately 2 miles through the town of Fort Davis.

H.E. Sproul Ranch & Harvard Lodge: From the town of Fort Davis, go north on Highway 118 for approximately 5 miles. Turn right on Sproul Road (look for a green county road sign that says “Sproul Road” immediately before the Prude Ranch entrance). Also look for the “H.E. Sproul Ranch & Harvard Lodge” sign. Then travel approximately 2 ½ miles north, crossing the cattle guard, (stay straight on Sproul Road) until you see a large rock entrance gate that says Sproul Ranches (a photo is on the home page of this website). Go through this entrance and then take an immediate left through the “Harvard Lodge” gate and you have arrived! Drive towards the buildings and keep to the right to find the Harvard Suites. Please be aware that Sproul Road is a county maintained gravel road. Call in advance if you have a delicate vehicle.